Your Professional Choice for Irrigation in Muskoka

Way to Grow Irrigation has been providing exceptional products and award winning services to Muskoka and surrounding area since 2005. 

Our commitment to business ethics, association membership, and continuing education has positioned Way to Grow Irrigation and our staff at the forefront of the industry. Add in the newest technologies and resources available concerning water management, and know that we are taking care of your landscape and the environment!

Our Professional Services Include

Residential Irrigation . Commercial Irrigation . Sports Fields . Landscape Lighting

What we mean by GREEN

Way to Grow Irrigation is an active ambassador and leader in water conservation in the Muskoka and surrounding area. We are committed to promoting efficient irrigation methods with trained certified staff to every project regardless of size and scope. We utilize the latest technologies like weather based smart controllers and off-site management for sustainable solutions to ensure minimal impact on our water resources. Efficient irrigation systems require specialized knowledge and understanding of irrigation design principles, while being aware of local environmental conditions that can impact design methods drastically. Our award winning solutions concerning water savings and management can make a difference on your project as well.

More Benefits of an Irrigation System:

  • Your plants and flowers get watered when they need it and not when you just have time
  • Increase the value of your home or cottage with lush and vibrant gardens and plant life
  • Less pesticide use - get nutrients the natural way and keep those harmful chemicals away from children and/or pets
  • As necessary as a light saving bulb that cuts electricity by 90%, So does automated irrigation system with water savings of up to 80% more effective then hand watering, and just as necessary!
  • Without an automated sprinkler system the result is an enormous amount of evapo-transportation loss through radiant heat in Ontario's unique micro climates and Muskoka Terrain

The Fact About Irrigation

It doesn't matter how good your sprinklers, valves or controllers are if they aren't designed and installed properly. Choosing the right contractor to design and install your irrigation system is a more serious project than you may think. Whether you are searching for a professional irrigation contractor to install a new system or to service an existing one, any professional you consider should have certain qualifications to complete your work. ( What to look for when hiring a contractor )

  1. The bottom line is that you are not just buying an irrigation system, but also the services of the contractor. Your job is to find a professional contractor to complete the work and ensure that you are satisfied.
  2. How the system is designed and installed can make a big difference.
  3. A properly designed and installed system doesn't only add value to your property, or protect your landscape, it also helps conserve water.
  4. The irrigation contractor you choose should be certified, have high ethical standards, and have the expertise and skills to guarantee a successful project.