Water Feature Services

Clean healthy water features not only promote natural habitats and the environment, they increase the value of the property. The evening air filled with the sounds of aquatic life is arguably the most peaceful sound one can enjoy outdoors.

Muskoka and insects:

While Muskoka is famous for insects we can all do our part by addressing the water that lies on our properties.

Stagnant, non-moving water is a necessary condition for the reproduction process of mosquitoes and other insects. The wave action created from aeration and fountain systems keeps the water in ponds and lakes moving deterring these insects and their breeding.

Storm water management ponds are becoming a common fixture to many residential communities, especially those under new development. They are designed to collect the run-off from parking lots and surrounding areas which inevitably become stagnant, smelly breeding grounds for insects. An attractive aeration system will effectively treat the causes of these poor water conditions by keeping the water in a state of motion and inducing oxygen into the water.

Aeration is able to consume excess nutrients that are harmful to ponds and their inhabitants. Providing an environmentally friendly solution to improving water quality, the use of aeration supports healthy aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife, while creating naturalized landscapes to be enjoyed by all.

Water fountains are beautiful and functional, they aerate, and keep the water moving, preventing it from becoming stagnant. We often incorporate the irrigation pump to supply water to man-made or natural streams that can be timed to run only while you are at home.

Before Water Feature Implementation

After Water Feature Implementation